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Here's a proposed agenda, although since I will be leaving tomorrow I'll let you all adjust as needed:

11:30-11:45 - Abibiman Foundation presents on their clean cook stove project and ties it into the topic of the side event.
11:45-12:10 - Drew discusses the decision-maker tools Climate Interactive offers, our approach, how they are used, etc.
12:10-12:30 - Florian discusses efforts to integrate the World Climate Simulation into curricula using Germany as a case study.
12:30-1:00 - question and answer.

Fabio will speak briefly about Abibiman's clean cook stoves initiative and tie it into the theme of the side event.

All the best
Upcoming Events
Ahead of the Ocean Conference, which begins today in New York, the UN Information Centre in Accra has undertaken a sensitisation and clean-up exercise to bring home the message of the need to join hands to reverse the decline in the health of our ocean...
5 June 2017 | News
Community sensitisation and clean-up exercise ...
22 May 2017 |  Letters
The EU is in the process of deciding the accounting rules for land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) for the post-2020 period. The EU’s decision will have international significance....
Letter to Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy:
26th  Jan,2017 | General News
Abibiman Foundation’s Kenneth Amoateng...Using Clean Cookstoves To Change Climate
The session had an African Action Summit of African Heads States on Climate Change, where a declaration was issued to boost the climate change resilience drive in Africa.
It also made way for the issuance of a proclamation to signal a shift towards a new era of implementation and action on climate and sustainable development.
GHACCO elects National Executive Board members
23rd April,2017 | News
The Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstove and Fuel (GHACCO) has held its 4th Annual General Assembly and elected Mrs Sarah Naa Dedei Agbey as its national executive board Chairperson.
The others are; Mrs Adwoa Sey, Vice Chairperson, Mrs Lily Versta Nyarko and Mr Venan Sondo, Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively.
10th July 2017 | Blog
ACCESS welcomes new members..
The ACCESS network is pleased to announce four new members to our network:

Abibman Foundation
Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES)
Centre d’Etudes Régional pour l’Amélioration de l’Adaptation à la Sécheresse (CERAAS)
Climate Action Network (CAN) - Tanzania....
Abibiman Foundation Respond To Trump ...
2 June 2017 | Press Release
President Donald Trump must show political will and commit resources towards promote scientific and traditional knowledge for understanding the social and environmental costs and impacts of human activities and Commit to carbon emission reductions and provide new, adequate, predictable, and appropriate climate finance...
Community sensitisation and clean-up exercise ...
Ahead of the Ocean Conference in New York (5-9 June 2017), the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Accra has undertaken a sensitisation and clean-up exercise to bring home the message of the need to join hands to reverse the decline in the health of our ocean.
The event was held in partnership with Abibimman Foundation, a local NGO.
5 June 2017 | News
The purpose of the panel is to bring out viewpoints from new and traditional actors in electrification, as well as
development agencies and project developers, to understand the outlook for business models, investment, and needed
workforce skills for the practical realization of electrification across rural and urban African contexts...
IEEE PES & IAS Power Africa Conference 2017
27 June 2017 |  Brochure
Apr - Jun,2017 | Volume 4

The Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Secretariat under the Energy Commission has intensified its awareness campaign on Productive Uses of Energy (PUE) in the country. Two workshops were held in May 2017 in Ho and Ejisu for the Volta and Ashanti Regions, respectively, to educate key stakeholders on past and present PUE interventions in the country and the benefits.
Abibiman Foundation On World Environment Day 2017
5 June 2017 | General News
The Sakumono beach enclave popularly known as Titanic beach is a fast growing tourism avenue which is bedeviled with hash and negative human impacts.
In this age of civilization and responsive societies, it is unacceptable and inhuman for people to operate in such areas without the provision of an efficient waste management system.
Abibiman Foundation Welcomes Into Force Legally Binding Of The Minamata Convention On Mercury
16 August 2017 | Press Release
The Government of the Republic of Ghana signed the Convention on 24 September 2014 and ratified it this year on 23 March 2017.
From today, we have the opportunity to chart a new course; a course that is expected to control the anthropogenic releases of mercury throughout its lifecycle in order to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of mercury and its related compounds.
Abibiman Foundation Calls On The Government Of Ghana To Show Political Will On Its Proposed Ban On The Importation Of Mercury
12 August 2017 | Press Release
Abibiman Foundation commends Government of Ghana for this laudable initiative, we are yet to see any communique from the Government relating to its strategies on how the proposed ban will be implemented.....