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1. The use of firewood for their daily energy and cooking needs leading to negative climate change, health and ecological impacts.  Firewood burning is a major source of black carbon emissions, respiratory illness and forest degradation. Abibiman Foundation conduct a field research on cookstoves in Ghana. Three different stoves were evaluated: the traditional stove, the Mewar Angathi implant and the Envirofit high efficiency cook stove. The MA was the most accepted stove in the research conducted. It provided a 34% reduction in firewood used and a 17% reduction in cooking time. A simple metal insert that turns a traditional mud cook stove into a High Efficiency Cook stove (HEC). The use of traditional wood-burning three-stone hearth type stoves remain in widespread use, especially in villages and coastal communities. We have started doing a major deployment in Ghana

2. Abibiman Sustainability Knowledge by promoting sustainable livelihoods/development and resilient community building especially within Coastal Communities.  Participant come up with solutions to knowledge transfer problems that have been identified in their communities.

3. Advocacy in the field of education by creating awareness on the need for quality education, access to education. We have also done girl-child advocacy where we advocated for higher enrollment of girls in school as well as the study of science as a subject and empowering young girls to pursue it to the higher level

4. Abibiman building capacities of teachers in the primary and junior high schools in the area for science education as to enable them to make science as a subject more practical and interesting to better the understanding of especially girls as a means to encourage them to study the subject and pursue higher learning in the area of science. This is due to the fact that science education is best grasped through practical hands-on learning. Most public schools in many communities lack professional developments in such explorations.

5. Abibiman, working in coastal areas with direct link with women who are involved in fish smoking. To improved fish smoker to reduce smoke emissions and also reduce levels of PAH on smoke fish to 12 micrograms/kg.  

6. Raise public awareness of the problem of climate change and build public support for climate policies through the implementation of an effective climate change communication strategy. Build public support for climate policies that will enable the world to meet the objective of limiting global average temperature rise to 1.5°C

7. Working to build capacity of local NGOs/CBOs to develop early warning systems for conflict prevention and Support the advocacy efforts of local community in conflict prevention and peace building. Develop a communication strategy for peace building and conflict prevention -promoting the use of the language and approach related to the impact of Share best practices Adopt the international peace day (September 21st) as one the Abibiman Foundation advocacy days

Develop and implement an effective communication strategy using all forms of media to inform, educate and communicate with the target groups on the specific trade issues which affect our developing or which their countries are responsible for our developed

9. Abibiman Green Life Club

10. Our major project has been the One Child  One Tree project in Ghana