Election 2020: ‘Nkabom’ – Journey for Peace and Development

Ghanaians will soon be going to the polls to vote in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 7th December 2020. It is extremely important we are able to do so in peace and in freedom of thought. Hence, as Read more

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Abibiman Foundation to “re-launch” Nkabom Journey for Peace & Development

The Abibiman Foundation and Abibman Global are set to re-launch its initiative “Nkabom for Peace and Development” on Saturday 22nd August 2020 via Zoom.

The Non-Governmental Organisation seeks to use its platform to address peace and development in Africa Read more

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David Kwaku Sakyi writes: Citizen engagement key to ensuring peace during elections

Citizens decide who gets into government. 30 million people in Ghana, choose 275 parliamentarians and a president. The president drawing from the power given him by the people through the constitution, in turn, chooses the larger government of about 4,000 people who are running the country and making decisions on behalf of the 30 million people. Read more
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