Abibiman Foundation to “re-launch” Nkabom Journey for Peace & Development

The Abibiman Foundation and Abibman Global are set to re-launch its initiative “Nkabom for Peace and Development” on Saturday 22nd August 2020 via Zoom.

The Non-Governmental Organisation seeks to use its platform to address peace and development in Africa by engaging stakeholders and fostering developmental plans and ideas to develop the continent.

The first series of the Nkabom for Peace and Development was held in June this year 2020, where it saw some stakeholders suggest pragmatic measures to be taken to help achieve the development the organisation seeks.

In a press statement issued by the organisation, the Re-launch is going to address the present needs of African countries by setting out the rightful measures and plans which will be implemented to the needs.

“The overall objective of the Nkabom Journey for Peace and Development is to facilitate engagement (dialogue, advocacy and campaigns) with relevant stakeholders and policymakers in governmental and non-governmental agencies in Ghana and other African countries, to fast-track the implementation of the needed actions and solutions on selected sector-specific policies and programmes towards the achievement of SDGs.”

It further noted that “Development in most African countries has been curtailed by recurring and prolonged conflicts and wars. These stem mostly from tribal, cultural, religious and political sentiments and mistrust amongst populations. The antecedents for these go as far back as pre-colonial and colonial geopolitical policies which were mostly aimed at the exploitation of human and natural resources.

The ‘Nkabom’ – Journey for Peace and Development campaign is aimed at promoting three major achievements of Goal 16 of the SDGs through the following thematic areas:

i. Advocacy, communications, media and campaigns

We drive development and change through our advocacy efforts. Through the ‘Nkabom’ campaign, we have launched the Nkabom Journey for Peace and Development Webinar Series which are virtual conferences that engage highly resourced panels, including eminent personalities, youth, women and community groups from across Ghana and other African countries.

ii. Research & Innovation

Research fuels innovation and at Abibiman, programmes and projects are informed by research. We link research (academic and commercial) to industry to promote knowledge, build capacity and develop best practices within. This ensures that the right personnel are deployed on programmes and projects to promote innovative solutions to communal, societal and national issues.

iii. Investment Portfolios and Social Enterprises

We design and implement financial and investment innovations to promote fund-raising and mobilization from multiple sources (both internal and external funding sources) available at the regional level. We also manage investment portfolios that drive new investments into supporting existing businesses and establishing social enterprises to promote and open up opportunities.

The programme to be graced by Eminent speakers like Mr. George Amoh, Executive Secretary, National Peace Council; Pat McCants, founder and Chairman, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC); Mr. Ewald Quaye Garr, Research Fellow, Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG); Nana Kwabena Aborampah Mensah, Senior Programs Officer, Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), and Mr. Kwabena Okai Ofosuhene, Founder and Chairman, Abibiman Foundation and it will be moderated by Grace Asare, a renowned broadcast journalist.

However, the general public can join the webinar via zoom


Abibiman Foundation is currently the Africa Regional Secretariat of the Abibiman Global to champion the implementation of The SDGs Agenda – 2030 Programme on advocacy, research and promoting investments in African countries.

Abibiman Foundation was formed twenty (20) years ago by a group of youth activists who believed in the efforts and determination to sustain the worlds ecosystems and improve human lives. They were therefore poised to move forward an agenda that will promote and positively impact on the livelihoods, peace and development of the peoples of the world at large and Africa in particular and hence the name Abibiman Foundation (The African Foundation).

The founders of Abibiman Foundation believed that the lack of understanding and a better blend of the rich cultural heritage and modern concept of human relationship and development has led to the prevailing situations which are depriving the development of the humankind, especially in Africa.

Abibiman Foundation is a Non-Profit Oriented, Non-Partisan, Non-Governmental Organization (RGD G5, 895, DSW 2525), established in 2000 and dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace and amelioration of conflicts, wars and refugees situations. It seeks to do these through the promotion of knowledge which is based on cultural, civic, human and environmental rights to positively impacts on democracy, good governance and development.

Abibiman Foundation, therefore, promotes cultural, formal and non-formal education as well as technical and vocational skill development to enhance employment and job opportunities for a better standard of human. It focuses attention and resources on promoting the balance between the biodiversity our ecosystem and sustainable development, and the implications of the environment, land and water usage (agriculture, mining and infrastructure development, etc.), land degradation and climate change.

The Foundation upholds the principles of the United Nations, African Union and the eight (8) Africa Regional Economic Communities (ECOWAS, AMU, CEN-SAD, COMESA, EAC, ECCAS, IGAD and SADC). Abibiman Foundation is, therefore, an accredited member of the UNFCCC, UNGC, GEF, UNCAC Coalition and ECOSOC of the United Nations.

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