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Capacity Building
Community Mobilization
Research and Development
Raising public awareness: through debates, information-sharing workshops, public policy forums, popular education, radio and other media outlets on governance ,Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, Environment Education, Peace, Agriculture and Human Right issues based on knowledge of cultural

Capacity building:  We build capacities of local community and NGOs in the thematic areas like Governance, Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, Education, Environment, Peace, Agriculture and Human Right based issues.

Community Mobilization and Sensitization: We identify the community assets and resources in the local community to help promoting the needed awareness and help  address the challenges while utilizing them as positive change agents in the promotion of  sustainable through facilitated collaboration among various partners based on knowledge of  cultural and civic for a better standard of human.

Policy Advocacy: Abibiman Foundation uses an approach that recognises the different ways. This people-centred participatory approach aims to develop participants’ abilities and skills to diagnose and solve development problems. It enables the development of critical consciousness for change and transformation. The approach is based on the belief that every individual has valuable knowledge, skills and experiences that they bring to any process,

Research: pull together different research done by other NGOs/CBO members. That fit in the overall policy framework, mission, vision and strategy of Abibiman.

Community Mobilization: Abibiman Foundation we encourage the local community to participants and contribute their diversity of experiences. The methods used in our activities include: context-specific case studies, discussions and working groups, role plays, songs, folklore, dance, problem-solving exercises and stimulations.

Publicity and Media Campaigns: We use the media to highlight Sustainable Livelihoods, Health, Education, Peace and Agriculture, Human Right issues.

Publications: Publicise government’s international commitments, disseminate knowledge of Human Rights instruments and document the gap between government commitments and the reality of lives. work with AU, G8 or G7, EU and G20 to be accountable to the commitments made to take strong leadership

Networking and Alliance Building: Abibiman Foundation host a member of organisation 1. Hosting the Coalition of NGOs in Tema (CONGOT) - Secretariat 2. Hosting the International Day of the African Child and Youth (IDAY-Ghana) 3. Hosting the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-Ghana)
The following strategies are being used by Abibiman Foundation to implement its programmes: