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Abibiman Foundations regional approach is to effectively and efficiently implement each of the six (6) Phases and six (6) Cycles of The SDGs Agenda  2030 programme, to advocate, research and drive investment into sustainable livelihoods, peace and development and use it to expand its operations across thirty (30) African countries by the end of 2030;
We will focus the programme and its projects on National SDGs Implementation Plans and SDG Policy Maps and the sets of responsibilities outlined in the ‘SDG Matrix’ for each Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) by the Governments of the Programme implementation countries.

We will also use population dynamics to positively influence the regional, national and local governance and decision-making structures to promote collective actions on the SDGs. We will use the monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes of the programmes and projects to access their impacts on implementation countries and in relation to the Regional policies of each of the eight (8) Regional Economic Communities (Economic Blocks) in particular and the Africa Union at large.