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The research, monitoring and consultancy programme provide on-target analysis, access and track progress, identify major barriers, improve forecasts and provide practically scalable solutions, and generate and share policy knowledge. This is a quest to research, compare and provide services to promote best practices on the sector-specific policies and programmes on achieving the SDGs at the grass-roots, national and international levels. 
Research & Innovation Sub Programme
This sub-programme links research (academic and commercial) to industry to promote knowledge, build capacity and develop best practices within. 
Monitoring & Evaluation Sup Programme
This sub programme will generate data on both existing and new sector-specific, country-specific and regional-specific policies and programmes of governments and non-government agencies and actors which will track their progress and access impacts made towards the achievements of the SDGs. 
Consultancy Services
This sub-programme will provide linkages between data generation and data usage which will help in the improvement of best practices, development of capacity and transfer of skills for the enhancement of efficiency and increased productivity. 

Finance & Administration / Investment Portfolios / Social Enterprises
The Regional Finance and Administration / Investment Portfolio and Social Enterprise Programme manages the finance and administration that ensure the recruitment of quality human resources within the Regional and National structures. The programme operated directly under Abibiman Global Trust and Abibiman Global to facilitate collaborations, co-operations and partnerships at the Regional Level.

It implement both the Global and Regional directives to design financial and investment innovations to promote fund-raising and mobilization from multiple and different sources (both internal and external funding sources) available at the regional level. It also operates the Abibiman Africa Regional Trust (a funds management trust) which receives and manages regional allocated funding from the Abibiman Global Trust, donor agencies, corporate profit on investments and demands the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability on their disbursement and usage.

It is also tasked with managing investment portfolios that drive new investments into supporting existing businesses and establishing social enterprises to promote and open up new investment opportunities and deliver sustainable outcomes using locally and nationally based enterprises (see the structure below).