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Abibiman Foundation is currently the Africa Regional Secretariat of the Abibiman Global to champion the implementation of The SDGs Agenda - 2030 Programme on advocacy, research and promoting investments in African countries. Abibiman Foundation was formed twenty (20) years ago by a group of youth activists who believed in the efforts and determination to sustain the worlds ecosystems and improve human lives. They were therefore poised to move forward an agenda that will promote and positively impact on the livelihoods, peace and development of the peoples of the world at large and Africa in particular and hence the name Abibiman Foundation (The African Foundation). The founders of Abibiman Foundation believed that the lack of understanding and a better blend of the rich cultural heritage and modern concept of human relationship and development have led to the prevailing situations which are depriving the development of the human kind especially in Africa.

Abibiman Foundation is a Non-Profit Oriented, Non-Partisan, Non-Governmental Organization (RGD G5, 895, DSW 2525), established in 2000 and dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace and amelioration of conflicts, wars and refugees situations. It seeks to do these through the promotion of knowledge which is based on cultural, civic, human and environmental rights to positively impacts on democracy, good governance and development. Abibiman Foundation therefore promotes cultural, formal and non-formal education as well as technical and vocational skill development to enhance employment and job opportunities for a better standard of human. It focuses attention and resources on promoting the balance between the biodiversity our ecosystem and sustainable development, and the implications of the environment, land and water usage (agriculture, mining and infrastructure development, etc.), land degradation and climate change. The Foundation upholds the principles of the United Nations, African Union and the eight (8) Africa Regional Economic Communities (ECOWAS, AMU, CEN-SAD, COMESA, EAC, ECCAS, IGAD and SADC). Abibiman Foundation is therefore an accredited member of the UNFCCC, UNGC, GEF, UNCAC Coalition and ECOSOC of the United Nations

The Foundation develops concepts and programs based on a combined approached matrix and methodologies that enable its audience to identify problems, set priority, and address needs assessments. These then act as catalyst for actions with appropriate decision and policy-makers which are based on effective burden-alleviation and cost-effectiveness analysis are taken. The Foundation implements major development oriented programmes, projects and events at the international, national and grass-roots levels which are seen as crucial to the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, peace and development and help break the vicious circle of unemployment, poverty and underdevelopment .

The Foundation which started as a local charity in Ghana on the shoulders of five (5) youth activists, has as at today grown up, with huge international alliances, to include the shoulders of zealous young people and adults in Africa and its Diaspora and other nations around the world for the advancement of the human kind. The growth of Abibiman Foundation has also led to the establishment of Abibiman United Kingdom (Abibiman UK), Abibiman Ghana (Abibiman GH) and Abibiman Global, and currently representing the Africa Regional Secretariat within Abibiman Global.